Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Word Hop 2014

Woohoo, it's a New Year!!  Have you chosen your word for 2014? The one little word as your intentions/guide/theme/mantra for the year?

We would love to know what it is and for you to leave a link to your Word Hop 2014 blog post and leave a comment with the word you have chosen in it.  When you have time during the month you can hop around to other people's blogs and read about their word and leave a comment so they know you popped by.

Directions for the Linky: Please Read

Please write your name in the first section so we know whose blog we are hopping to.

If you are joining the Word Hop, please copy the address for the blog post you want us to read. Be aware that a year from now, someone might happen upon this and want to read your post. If you have only included your blog address, they will not be able to find this specific post buried in all the other awesome posts you write. So make sure you copy the actual post address. Then, please also make sure your post has a link to this post so when folks read what you wrote, they can easily find the party. The linky will be open for one month. We would also like to invite you to join our site so that you can keep informed about other blog parties we will be hosting - we would love for you to come back again and again. 

Linky eg:

Link title or Blog Title: ShellsintheBush


Thanks everyone, I'm looking forward to hopping by and reading your blogs.




  1. Grow is my word for 2014 and yay! the Linky has worked!

  2. Nurture is my word for 2014. Excited for a new year!

  3. Great words ladies. Wishing you a wonderful 2014 :)

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