Sunday, January 8, 2012

WordHop 2012

The FlyTribe is excited to share another blog hop with you.  Around the end of last year, several Fliers began sharing the words they had chosen as their guiding word for the new year. As artists and creatives, we work together to inspire each other, so organizing a blog party around the words we were choosing to be our teachers for 2012 just felt right.

Choosing a word to lead you through your year became a trend in blogging several years ago when Ali Edwards began sharing her One Little Word journey through out the year.  She found that it is a simple but powerful way to bring meaning to your life.  Her one little word has now taken off and grown into a movement, a movement we are excited to take part in.

Below is a list of posts by FlyTribe members and our guests who are creating their lives with their own little words. We hope you will join us as we adventure through the landscape of the web to support the writers' journeys and to be inspired by them. You can expect that over the course of the year these artist/blogger might share posts that follow the insights offered by their word, including works of art that specifically explore what their word has come to mean to them.

If you would like to claim your own word for 2012, leave it in the comments below. If you have a blog post that features your own little word, feel free to join the hop!

The FlyTribe will be creating a collaborative art piece with the words left in the comments, along with our own, to be shared at the end of the year.  The proceeds of sales from the piece will go to charity.

We would also like the thank Ali Edwards for inspiring us and creating a space for us to grow as individuals and to come together as a Tribe. Thanks, Ali!

WordHop 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bit of History

One of the first collaborations the FlyTribe did together was to have a blog hop.   We decided to do it around a subject we were all passionate about... you got it, flying.  It was a great way for our individual blog readers to get a peek into our special circle. We didn't have a collaborative blog at the time, but now that we do, we would love to share that hop and all the artists involved with you!

Amaranthine Violet:
Beth Cougler Blom:
Cindy Jones Lantier:
Julie Hamilton:
Stacey Chadwick Brown:
Teresa Cash-Czech:
Thanks again for hopping along with us!

Welcome to the FlyTribe

Hi, my name is Rae Payne, and today I am one voice pulled from a group of 378 creative entrepreneurs who make up the Fly Tribe. This summer something phenomenal happened in our lives.  I am sure each of us has our own version of the story and perhaps over time, you will be able to find those stories here, but the most important part of the story is that a lovely artist and creative business luminary, Kelly Rae Roberts, offered an e-course called flying lessons designed for those interested in growing their creative business, and each of us signed up. Before we knew it, as individuals, our businesses were moving forward, and, as a group, we were moving closer together.  

We named ourselves the Fly Tribe because we literally had a sense of taking off and flying together.  This space is our way of sharing the gift we have been given with the world.  We hope to offer glimpses into our experiences as artists and business owners, along with tips, tools, and opportunities to create with us.   Welcome to the Fly Tribe, get ready to spread your wings!