Monday, February 13, 2012

Love of Art Blog Party

As you may have heard, the Fly Tribe sent out invitations earlier this month to two other groups of artists/creative biz owners to have them join us in exploring what we all love about art. We are thrilled today to welcome to the party members of the 2010 Flying Lessons class as well as the participants in Hello Soul Hello Business.

 If you are one of our readers, we would also be delighted if you would add to our party by writing a post about what YOU love about art and use the linky below to join in. But even if you don't, we hope you will receive the gifts this party offers.  Many of us believe that the very individuals who are tucked in and among the bloggers/artists in this collection will be the next wave of inspiration in the world of creativity. They will be offering wisdom for the spirit and a good amount of eye candy, so get ready for a charge to both body and soul.

Directions: Please Read

If you are joining the blog party, please copy the address for the blog post you want us to read. Be aware that a year from now, someone might happen upon this and want to read your post. If you have only included your blog address, they will not be able to find this specific post buried in all the other awesome posts you write. So make sure you copy the actual post address.  Then, please also make sure your post has a link to this post so when folks read what you wrote, they can easily find the party. The linky will be open for one week. We would also like to invite you to join our site so that you can keep informed about other blog parties we will be hosting (we would love for you to come back again and again. If you have any questions, you can email party organizer Rachél Payne for more information,

Friday, February 3, 2012

Cordially Invited to Party

You know when you meet a few new friends and realize you have a lot in common? Well, it just seems that sparks begin to fly! And before you know it, someone says, "We should get together!"

The Fly Tribe's FB Group (which was designed as an incubation station for all the dreams we hoped to hatch through Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons e-course) is a tight knitted group. We have each other's back in building our art businesses , as well as for the ups and downs of life. But we have been enjoying making new friends around the art community, spreading our wings, so to speak.

Recently, the FT has been chirping with excitement over a project Kelly Rae was offering with a member of her first Flying Lessons group, Beth Nicholls. Hello Soul Hello Business (which is now in its third week) offers a revolutionary way of approaching business. It has given some of us the opportunity to get to know the Fly Alumni from the first group who are taking HBHS and to meet up-n-coming movers and shakers in the creative biz arena.  So we decided to reach out to its members, as well as members of the first Flying Lessons group and, well, have a good ole fashioned get together!

It is in that spirit that the Fly Tribe has designed and is hosting the Love of Art Blog Party. 

The Invitation
Drop by and visit us on Saint Valentine's Day for an event guaranteed to inspire the artist in you. If you are a Fly Alumni member from either of Kelly Rae's classes or are currently taking the Hello Soul Hello Business's  Business Soul Sessions, we want to offer a special invitation to visit us and leave a link to a post about your Love of Art.  As always, our readers are welcomed to the party (start thinking about what you want to write about...or what bit of art you might like to share). So, spread the word, the more the merrier!


A Bit of Business
 If you are planning to participate in the Love of Art Blog Party, we would love for you to grab our blog party button (code is below). The party post will be published at midnight Coordinated Universal Time and will stay open for submissions for one week. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Rachél Payne:

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